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Gemteq eGems Collector Pro
Software Review by Tanya K. Metaksa
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For anyone who has ever saved an electronic file of any type and then tried to remember what file name was used or in what folder it was stashed, eGems Collector Pro may be the answer. Gemteq advertises its product as useful to researchers, writers, analysts, professors and students, but it can be used by anyone that wants to save information electronically and be able to retrieve it quickly and painlessly.

eGems is a Windows-based program that requires a Pentium 120 or higher, at least 32 megabytes of RAM, 18 megabytes of disk space and a SVGA display with 256 colors. It is easy to load whether you purchase the disk or download it from Gemteq's Web site. Included in the help system is a tutorial that makes it easy to dive right in and start using eGems immediately.

The Bibliography Tab

One of the most useful parts of eGems is its ability to store the source of the electronic file in a field it calls "bibliography." As a writer I am compulsive about saving the URL of any article or graphic that I find on the Internet. Before using eGems I would copy and paste the file and then either insert the URL into the text or use it in the filename to be able to remember its Internet address. Now with eGems it is automatically done for me - a wonderful time saver.

The Bibliography Window

With eGems you can create gems in several ways: as a clipboard gem that allows you to copy the information and then save it as a gem complete with bibliographic information; as a full screen gem, which allows capture of the entire screen; as a screen capture gem, which allows you to select with the cursor the actual part of the screen; and as an active window gem, which allows you to choose the exact open window to save. Or you can just drag and drop some text onto the big Gem Icon near the upper left corner of the eGems application window.

eGems Darg & Drop

Once a gem has been saved it can be stored in what eGems (following the pirate metaphor) calls chests or trays. Chests or trays are nothing but folders and sub-folders that can be designated from within eGems, thus allowing you the ability to store gems in user-designated folders. Gems that are not sent to a specific folder are automatically saved in the Unfiled chest. Of course, gems can be moved, copied from a chest or tray to another, or even renamed.

Sorting your eGems into chests and trays

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