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KPT Effects - Pyramid Paint
A look at individual filters in procreate KPT Effects

KPT Pyramid Paint
Uses the Lab color mode to reduce and separate the colors in an image to resemble a painting. Users can adjust individual color components, saturation, hue, contrast, and lightness.

Hold your mouse over the first image to see the original. In the second example, I applied Hyper Tiling after Pyramid Paint.

This is the same original image I have been using throughout these examples. Only Pyramid Paint was applied, so the color adjustments were done by adjusting the parameters of the effect.

Hold your mouse over this example to see the source image. Only Pyramid Paint was used. I found I liked the results of pyramid paint the best if I could use it on a high resolution image that would later be scaled down. This one was scaled down slight and cropped.

Here I duplicated the image above, then used Channel Surfing to add some color variation which really makes it pop!

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