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Whatever Happened To...

MetaCreations RayDream Studio
MetaCreations InfiniD
MetaCreations Carrara

Ray Dream Studio and InfiniD were 3D applications formerly published by MetaCreations. In 1999, MetaCreations divested itself of most of its graphics products to focus solely on MetaStream technology for the Internet. In October 2000, MetaCreations made this announcement regarding these two products: "Because the best features of the InfiniD and RayDream products were incorporated into Carrara, those two products have been discontinued and will no longer be supported."

Carrara was purchased by Eovia, and later, DAZ Productions, who hold ownership as of this writing in 2007. You can find the latest information on Carrara on the Daz3d.com Web site. All support for RayDream and InfiniD, however, has been discontinued.

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Whatever Happened To... ?
For information about additional graphics software products that have been discontinued, changed names, changed ownership, or become otherwise obsolete, please see the main index.

Alternate spellings: metacreation raydream infinidi ray dream carrarra

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