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By Sue Chastain

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Welcome to the discussion forum on Graphics Software.

The forum is an interactive extension to this site where you can communicate with your Guide and discuss graphics software with other members. Use the forum to to ask questions, share tips, voice your opinions, display your own digital artwork, or just chat with other graphics software fanatics. Your Graphics Software Guide will visit the forum regularly to moderate and participate in discussions. In addition, other forum visitors will be able to offer detailed advice and suggestions. Best of all, all vistors can learn and benefit from the discussions.

If it's your first visit to the forum, you'll find help getting started with these forum tips and help. If you're new, be sure to drop a note in the Introductions folder and share a little bit about yourself. You can also add yourself to our forum map.

The most important rules here are to be nice and keep it legal. Requests or ads for hacks, cracks, and warez will be removed. I've set up folders to keep things organized. Please take a moment to review the folders so you can post your note to the most appropriate place.

Here are some tips for using the forum and increasing your chances of getting a response to your questions:
  • If you need help with a software problem or technique, it helps to be as specific as you can and to use an informative discussion title so the people who can help will be sure to find it. A title such as "Photoshop won't print TIFFs" is much more likely to be read by someone that knows the answer than a title like "Help! Can't Print!!"

  • Remember, this site is about all graphics software, so be sure to mention the title and version of the software you're using.

  • In many cases, a screen shot or example image can help us give you a better answer. Here are some tips for posting screen shots or other files in the forum:

  • Review your message before posting to ensure it is clearly written with proper spelling and grammar. Sloppy writing gives an impression of laziness and some readers will pass over a question that gives this impression. Also, please avoid ALL CAPS.
  • Read this article on how to ask good questions in a technical forum.

If you have a question related to one of the online courses on this site:

  1. Go back to the lesson your question is related to.
  2. Look for a link "Get Help with this Lesson" - every lesson page in the course should have this link.
  3. Click it to go to the thread for help with that lesson.
  4. Read through the thread to see if your question may have already been asked and answered.
If you still have a question after reading the thread, click Reply at the bottom of any message to post your question without starting a new thread.

If you're having problems logging on...
Please fill out the problem report form with as much detail about the problem as possible. About's Customer Care team will work with you to find a solution.


Are there any types of posts that are prohibited here?
We will delete any spam or commercial posts that are unrelated to graphics software. Posts promoting "warez" or advocating software piracy are not allowed. Please do not post to sell something or involve anyone in a money-making proposition. Flames and rude or insensitive remarks will be removed. Looking for employment and looking to hire posts are not allowed. Users who are disruptive may be gagged at the Guide's discretion.
May I promote my product or Web site here?
As with most places on the Internet, you may make your URL part of your "signature" by typing it under your name at the end of your posts. Graphics software related product announcements are permitted, but only in the "News & Announcements" folder. All other commercial posts will be considered spam and be deleted.
Are file attachments allowed?
Yes, you may post file attachments either by linking to a file stored in your own personal Web space, or by using the "attach files" option in the compose message window. Please do not link to files that are not stored in your own personal Web space. Before uploading a file attachment, be sure you have read and understand About.com's User Agreement.
How long will my posts stay in the forum?
Posts are removed at the discretion of the forum moderator(s). Posts that are informative, helpful, and relevant may remain indefinitely. Posts that are irrelevant to graphics software, advertisements, and commercial posts will be removed or placed into a more appropriate folder. Inflammatory posts ("flames"), personal attacks, and profanity will not be tolerated and these types of posts will be removed immediately.
Who manages this forum?
The forum is moderated by your graphics software guide, Sue Chastain. My posts will appear as being from Sue (AB_GRAPHSOFT). I also have two assistants who help me moderate: Elisabetta Bruno, whose posts will appear as being from Trinity, and Dave, whose posts will appear as being from Nyteskyz.
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