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Contact Sheet vs. Picture Package

Use Contact Sheet or Picture Package for Printing Multiple Images


Photoshop offers two features for printing multiple images on a page: Contact Sheet II and Picture Package. Both are available from the File Browser Automate menu (Photoshop CS) or from the File > Automate submenu (Photoshop 5.5 and up). Many people are confused about when to use Contact Sheet II and when to use Picture Package.

Use Contact Sheet II if you want...

  • all the images the same size, or
  • every image to be unique, or
  • to print the file name below the image.

    Use Printer Package if you want ...

  • to mix different sizes of images on the same page, or
  • multiple copies of the same image, or
  • to mix different sizes and different images, or
  • a text overlay printed on the image (can include custom text, filename, description, copyright, credit, or title).
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