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Removing Flash Reflections from Eyeglasses in Photoshop

How can I remove the glare from flash reflections on eyeglasses with Photoshop?


A forum member asks, "Is there any experienced Photoshop user that can give me a tried method of accomplishing the removal of the glare from the eyeglasses?"

Here are some of the responses and suggestions from other members:

From Steve J: "There's no completely easy way that I know of. Because the glare is actually a highlight in the image (blown-out highlight) there is little or no image information in there. If the glare isn't completely white, sometimes you can select the glare with the lasso tool, copy it to a new layer and experiment with blending modes to build more detail back in. Sometimes it takes multiple layers to do this, and with a hard-edged selection, it's difficult to get it blended back into the image properly. In short, it takes some time and it's not an easy fix, but it can be done even if you have to rebuild the image by hand by cloning and painting."

From Ken: "If the glare is on one lens but not the other, make a selection of the entire good lens and put it on its own layer. Then flip it and move it to cover up the glare. You will have to do other tranform things to it like rotate and skew to make it fit. Finish it off by using a soft-tip eraser along the edges, being careful to make sure the glare doesn't show through from below. Otherwise, it just requires some careful work with the Clone tool."

From Ron: "Katrin Eismann has a great tutorial on this in her book 'Photoshop Restoration & Retouching.'" (Editor's note: It's on page 221 in the first edition, page 309 in the second edition.)

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