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Photoshop CS2

Photoshop CS2

Photoshop CS2, also known as Photoshop 9, is shipping as of April 28, 2005. I've compiled these tips and frequently asked questions to help ease the transition for those of you upgrading from an earlier version.

A few upgrade FAQs...

I've seen these questions come up more than once from recent upgraders and folks who are still deciding:

Can I upgrade from any previous version of Photoshop?
Yes, registered users of any previous Photoshop version can take advantage of the special upgrade price. Contact Adobe about upgrades from Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Limited Edition, or Adobe PhotoDeluxe.

Where can I find the best price on the Photoshop CS2 upgrade version?
The MSRP for the Photoshop CS2 upgrade is US$149.99. Some retailers may offer it for slightly less. Use the following link to compare prices from sellers around the Web:
Compare Prices Photoshop CS2 Upgrade

Does Photoshop require activation?
The Windows version of Photoshop CS requires activation within 30 days. Photoshop CS2 as well as all Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications require activation for both Windows and Mac users. For more on activation, see What is Product Activation? and Adobe's activation site.

Minimum system requirements for Photoshop CS list only Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and Windows XP as supported. Will it run on Windows 98 or Mac OS 9?
No, Photoshop CS can only be installed under the OSs stated in the system requirements. An Adobe representative has confirmed that the installer does a minimum required OS check and Photoshop CS will not launch or run on unsupported operating systems. In addition, Photoshop CS will not run in OS X's Classic environment.

I purchased Photoshop before I knew a new version was coming out! Do I have to pay for the upgrade so soon?
Generally, Adobe's policy is to provide a free upgrade if you purchased the current version within a certain timeframe of the new version announcement. According to an Adobe rep, the cutoff date for a free upgrade to CS2 is March 5, 2005. Contact Adobe customer service for details. You will need your purchase receipt and proof of purchase.

Can I upgrade my academic or educational version of Photoshop?
Yes, you can upgrade an academic version. The process is no different than upgrading from any other version.

Can I upgrade from one platform to another, such as from Windows to Macintosh or vice-versa?
You used to be able to do a cross-platform upgrade if you purchased directly through Adobe, but this information has been removed from Adobe's Web site. You will have to contact Customer Service to find out if this is still offered.

After purchasing an upgrade, is it legal to sell or give away my old version?
No, you cannot sell or give away a previous version and continue using the new version after purchasing an upgrade. However, you may transfer all your rights to use the software to another person, provided that you turn over all copies, updates, and prior versions. For more information see Adobe's document on transfer of license.

What are the differences between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements? How do I know which version is right for me?
Read my comparison and the product reviews for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. They summarize the highlights of each version. An updated review for Photoshop 9 will be posted soon after it is available. Adobe also offers tryout versions for their current products within a few months of shipping them.

How can I tell if my Adobe software is an authentic, legal copy?
Your software should come in a shrink-wrapped box containing a User Guide, registration card, and technical support information. (There may be additional inserts.) The registration card and CD case will have your 24-digit serial number affixed to them. The CD case will also be sealed with a label. If you suspect the software you purchased is not authentic, visit Adobe's anti-piracy center. Also see How to Spot and Avoid Software Piracy and Scams and Is OEM Software Legal?.

My system freezes or returns an error when attempting to install Photoshop… what can I do to avoid this?
Visit Adobe's Photoshop support page for troubleshooting suggestions.

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