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How To Create Cut Out Text With Corel Photo-Paint 10 or higher


Cut Out Text Effect

Cut Out Text Effect

Here's a technique to create a cutout type effect using Corel Photo-Paint 10 (or higher). This effect makes it appear as if text has been punched out of a surface, allowing the surface beneath to show through.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Create a new document. Be sure to set the paper color to the color you want to see behind the cut out text.
  2. Open the Objects Docker (Window > Dockers > Objects).
  3. Create a new object above the background. Fill this object will a solid color. This will be the color surrounding the cut out text.
  4. Use the type tool to create your text in a bold typeface. Before rendering your type, click the render type to mask button in the property bar.
  5. Then switch to the pick tool and you will see your type selection.
  6. Go to Object > Clip Mask > Create from Inverted Mask. This punches the text out so you can see the background behind. Now we need the shadow.
  7. Choose Object > Clip Mask > Combine.
  8. Duplicate this object by dragging it to the New Object button in the Objects docker. You should have a solid background and two objects with the text punched out.
  9. Hide the top object by clicking the eye symbol in the Objects docker.
  10. Select the middle object (the one just above the background) and click the Lock Transparency button on the object docker.
  11. Choose Edit > Fill and fill with black. Note: Do not use the paint bucket fill tool because it may not fill all the pixels; for instance, the middle part of an O or B.
  12. Important: Click the Lock Transparency button on the object docker again to unlock transparency.
  13. Go to Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Choose a blur amount that looks good to you. A setting between 2 and 5 works well.
  14. Click the eye on the topmost object to show it, but keep the middle object selected.
  15. Switch to the pick tool and offset the middle object slightly down and to the right. Optional: Combine all objects with the background and crop the image.


  1. Remember you can always blur more, but you can't unblur easily so start with a small amount of blur and then adjust if needed.
  2. To make it appear as though the cutout text is floating higher off the background, use more blur and offset on the shadow object.
  3. Fill the background or the topmost object with a photo or texture for interesting variations.

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