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Simple Star PhotoShow Deluxe 3

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The Bottom Line

PhotoShow offers quick and easy way to make musical photo slide shows and Video CDs. This software includes some fun extras like frames, animated clip art, and photo effects. In my opinion, the Deluxe version of PhotoShow is not worth the extra cost compared to the standard version which is simple and fun to use (as long as you don't require DVD burning). The Standard version is available for both Windows and Mac, but the Deluxe version is Windows only.


  • Simple and fun way to share photos; now with VCD burning and many photo gift options.
  • One-click authoring makes slide show creation fast and easy.
  • Thorough documentation within the program


  • Can't make DVDs on home burner; DVD can only be ordered.
  • Built-in burning only allows one show per CD. No option to erase a CD-RW before burning.
  • Many photo gifts showed a 'not currently available' message when selected.


  • Create slide shows with your own photos and music. Share via CD or online.
  • Shows can be shared online through photoshow.net photo community or published to your own Web site.
  • Slide shows can be archived to CD, made into stand-alone executables, or saved as a screen saver.
  • Makes autorun CDs that can include an archive of hi-resolution originals. Burning is built-in.
  • Slide transitions: dissolve, blinds, cut, fade, pinwheel, rain drops, stars, zoom, wipe, film roll.
  • Photo effects: black & white, old film, color tints, strobe, negative, blur, flicker.
  • Includes over 100 MP3 songs licensed for distribution or you can add your own MP3 music.
  • Touch up photos and add effects. Rotate, crop, fix red-eye, fix color, paint, clone, etc.
  • Add fun extras including animated clipart, caption balloons, and decorative frames.
  • Standard version for Windows & Macintosh. Deluxe version for Windows. 15-day trial available.

Guide Review - Simple Star PhotoShow Deluxe 3

PhotoShow will have you creating musical photo slide shows within minutes. It's fast and easy and includes some fun extras such as animated clip art and effects. You can set options for the entire show and produce them very quickly, or add captions, text, music, and effects on a per-photo basis for more elaborate shows. Shows can be published as a free upload to PhotoShow.net where they are stored for up to 30 days, or you can publish to HTML for uploading to a personal site, burn a CD-ROM or VCD, make a self-running executable, or a screen saver. Shows posted to PhotoShow.net can only include bundled sound clips for licensing reasons.

Since my original review of PhotoShow 2.0, Simple Star has released PhotoShow Deluxe 3.0. This version adds photo editing and photo management features to PhotoShow, as well as options for ordering prints and a variety of photo gifts online. I was disappointed to find that PhotoShow Deluxe 3 does not support DVD burning. You can burn VCDs (Video Cds), but if you want a DVD of your shows they must be ordered for an additional fee. The photo editing and management features are convenient for working within the program, but too simplified to replace a dedicated photo editor or photo organizer. In my opinion, the Deluxe version of PhotoShow is not worth the extra cost compared to the standard version, which is simple and fun to use (as long as you don't require DVD burning).

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