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PhotoParade Maker

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The Bottom Line

PhotoParade Maker provides a simple way to share and enjoy your pictures in fun and interesting presentations.


  • easy as can be, even for a child
  • great selection of well-designed themes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • recipients must install PhotoParade Player
  • photos are small in some themes; improved in 4.0


  • Turn your photos into unique, themed slide shows with sound, music, and animation.
  • PhotoParades can be shared via email & CD, converted to screen savers, or used as desktop wallpaper.
  • Your original photo files are not copied, moved or modified in any way.
  • Supported file formats include JPEG, JPE, JPG, BMP, RLE, PSD, and PDD.
  • Add titles, captions and narration to each image. Introduction and credits can be personalized.
  • Minimal photo-editing capabilities (trim, rotate, flip, adjust tone, sharpen, remove red-eye).
  • Each theme has its own background music or you can choose your own MP3 or MIDI music.
  • New in 4.0: more themes with larger photos, save to CD, spell check, theme previews & descriptions.
  • Few themes are included in the Standard and Premium editions. Super Edition includes all 35 themes.
  • For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP & Macintosh OS 8.6 or later. See samples at PhotoParade's Web site.

Guide Review - PhotoParade Maker

PhotoParade Maker helps you create delightful slide shows in just a few minutes. The 35 themes in the Super Edition include a variety of styles ranging from simple to silly, tasteful to tacky. Just add your photos, personalize them, pick a theme, and the software generates a PhotoParade. You can create a screen saver or desktop wallpaper from the shows, record a CD, or send them to friends over the Web. They are not delivered by email; the recipient receives a link where they can initiate a download, which could take several minutes on a dialup connection. Recipients need to install the free PhotoParade Player if they don't have it. PhotoParade screen savers may not work properly on multi-monitor systems.

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