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Canvas 9 Professional Edition

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Canvas 9 Professional Edition

Canvas 9 Professional Edition

The Bottom Line

Canvas offers a unified creative environment for intermediate to advanced graphics software users on the Macintosh or Windows platform. Priced at $399 US for new users and $299 US for competitive upgrades, this all-in-one graphics suite is an exceptional value. The product is well documented, stable, and backed by 18 years of development experience.
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  • Seamless integrated environment eliminates need for many specialized programs.
  • Exceptional value.
  • Cross-platform compatible for Windows and Macintosh.


  • Steep learning curve due to large feature set (interface changes have lessened this some in 9.0).
  • Older operating systems such as Mac OS 8/9 and Windows 98/NT are no longer supported.


  • Illustration, photo editing, page layout, presentation and Web graphics in a single interface.

  • Geared toward technical rather than creative users in scientific, engineering, and business fields.

  • Maintains a familiar desktop publishing look and feel that is built on a new "CAD-like" core.

  • Redesigned "smarter" interface brings advanced features out of hiding without excessive clutter.

  • Built on a double-floating point 64-bit coordinate system which removes many limitations.

  • Supports huge document sizes--2000x2000 miles--and up to 2 billion objects per document.

  • Supports over 70 standard file formats including PDF, EPS, CGM, DWG, DXF, SVG, SWF, HTML, and more.

  • Includes 25,000 clip art images and 2,000 URW Type1 and TrueType fonts on a single DVD.

  • GIS Mapping Edition and Scientific Imaging Edition are also available for these specialized fields.

  • For Macintosh OS X and Windows NT/2000/XP on a cross-platform CD.

Guide Review - Canvas 9 Professional Edition

Have you ever wished there was a single application that could handle all your graphics needs? ACD Systems' Canvas (formerly from Deneba Software) could very well be the product you're looking for. Unlike other graphics suites, Canvas consists of a single integrated interface which features illustration, photo editing, page layout, presentation, and Web graphics capabilities. It's also cross-platform compatible, and supports a huge number of import/export formats. With an estimated street price of $399 and competitive upgrade price of $299, it's a superb value as well.

The Canvas user-base has historically consisted primarily of large corporations and technical professionals, but it should not be neglected as an ideal all-purpose graphics tool for small business users, home users, Web designers, educators, students, and creative professionals. In addition to Canvas 9 Professional Edition, Canvas 9 is available in two targeted editions: GIS Mapping Edition and Scientific Imaging Edition. Users who purchase the Professional edition can evaluate the additional features of these targeted editions for 15 days.

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