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Back Up Your Digital Photos

Don't Neglect Digital Photos in Your Backup Routine


You do have a backup routine, don't you?

Some people will save film negatives for generations, but when they make the switch to digital, they may never even consider the idea of making a second backup copy of their images.

Folks, any kind of digital storage is susceptible to failure. It can't be predicted, but you can certainly plan for it. Please get in the habit of making at least monthly backups of your digital pictures--and by backup, I mean a second copy. Archiving your photos to a single CD and then deleting them from hard disk is not a second copy.

Photo Backup Options

Currently, the most convenient backup solution is a second hard drive. The most affordable solution is recordable CDs and DVDs. HP's SimpleSave Photo DVDs are a very easy and affordable solution for anyone with a DVD burner drive.

Online backup services are another option for those with a fast enough Internet connection. This option offers the security of having your backups off-site, which will protect them from natural disasters. The down side to this option is that it usually requires a monthly fee, and restoring from backups can be a slow process since it relies on your Internet connection speed.

For the best protection, consider making duplicates of all your archive CDs or DVDs and pass one copy along to a family member or put it in a safety deposit box or fire-proof safe. Then, even in the event of a fire or theft, your precious photographic records and memories will not be lost.

My Photo Backup Strategy

Personally, I keep copies of my most recent and my best photos on my local hard drive for convenience. Every night, my pictures are copied to my HP MediaSmart Home Server where the files are automatically duplicated. Whenever I make a CD of pictures, I make an extra copy or two to pass along to a family member to have.

In addition, my best photos are usually uploaded to an online photo sharing site such as Picasa Web Albums or Photoshop.com. If you do rely on an online storage site for backups, be sure to choose a company that does not resize or recompress your pictures, and one that you feel confident will not go out of business. Also check the terms of service carefully regarding copyright and terms of use.

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