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Sue Chastain

Sue Chastain has been managing the graphics software site since 1999.

Sue Chastain is a well-respected graphics software authority who has been producing About.com's Graphics Software Web site since February 1999. Prior to that, she did freelance Web design and desktop publishing. She has worked with graphics software for many years for both business and pleasure.


Sue has always been drawn to technology. She has worked with software and been involved in software training throughout her career. Through previous employment and participation in online user groups, Sue found she had a knack for teaching difficult concepts in a way that was easily understood. When she became involved in graphics software, teaching it came naturally.


Sue has an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design Technology. While studying interior design, she developed an interest in graphics software, and found that much of her interior design training could be applied to graphics and design.

By Sue Chastain:

This site is intended to keep graphics software users abreast of the constant changes in the world of graphics software. My goal is to provide the best resource for developing your graphics software skills, and I intend to learn right along with you!

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